5 Motivators for Exercise

Here are five practical tips from Black Rock to help you begin and stick to an exercise routine and achieve your fitness goals.


Accountability partners – Find a friend to join a class, routine, or course with you! By planning to attend together it is easier to start and try new things. Doing things with friends is a great way to get yourself out of your comfort zone. If you make excuses on the day a friend can help keep you accountable to your goals.


Coach/Mentor – Our coaches are leaders in their field and trained to inspire you to achieve your best. They set high expectations and will push you beyond the limitations you set for yourself. Anyone can become great, but everything is easier with proper guidance and help from experts who are committed to your journey.


Community – Become an active member of the Black Rock community and meet likeminded others on your journey. This is a great motivator as you learn together and support each other. Black Rock is proud of its members who are upstanding and disciplined representatives for the club during fights and in training.


Financial commitment – Put your money where your mouth is. The membership plans at Black Rock foster commitment whilst still allowing for flexibility when life gets in the way. By paying for a course upfront you can create an extra layer of psychological motivation to get your money's worth and complete training.


Routines – Scheduling in regular classes that fit with your lifestyle will help to make exercise feel natural. Creating a habit may seem difficult but by creating a plan, writing it down, or imagining yourself attending the class you can increase the likelihood of long-term commitment and motivation to exercise.