Let’s get fighting fit!

With an emphasis on martial arts here are our current selection of classes. Soon to be updated with other classes. We hope you can join us.


From: £10 / class

Muay Thai

From: £10 / class


From: £10 / class

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts established in the 90’s is a combination of various martial art traditions from all corners of the globe including Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai amongst others.

Muay Thai, which originates from Thailand, is a popular martial art discipline. This class will help you become familiar with the basic principles and fighting techniques.

Kickboxerise, much like “Boxercise” but mainly using your legs, will push you to the edge, providing great cardiovascular fitness and a great fat burner!

Fitness Class

From: £10 / Class

Body Transformation

Cost: £147 / 6 Week Course

Extreme Forces Weekend

Cost: £60 / enrolement plus £500 sponsorship.

Your not fit until you get involved with one of our Boxing Fit classes. Learn some valuable self defence techniques, get your heart pumping and shed some pounds!

Guernsey’s beautiful landscape offers the perfect environment for our Body Transformation classes, lot’s of fresh air and challenging terrain.

For the second year The Extreme Forces Weekend, raising funds for “Helping Jonah – Helping others” will prove to be a four day challenge not for the faint hearted. Are you hard enough?