Sleep your way to better performance

The importance of rest and tips to improve the quality of your sleep to support your training.

                How does proper sleep help exercise? When you are well rested your body works better, recovers faster, you work smarter, you remember more, you have better control of your emotions, and it improves your immune system. These qualities are essential for fighters especially but benefit everyone no matter your exercise goals.
               What should your sleep look like? It should take you less than half an hour to fall asleep and sleep should last between 7 and 9 hours a night, every night. Ideally, your sleep should not be interrupted, and you should not feel tired when you wake up. A few tips for better sleep –

-Try to have a consistent bedtime and only go to bed when you feel sleepy.

-Wake up at the same time each day (even on weekends!)

-Try not to use devices (phones, tablets, laptops, tv, etc) for two hours before bed.

-Avoid naps if you can.

          For more information please read the national institute for care excellence (NICE) guidelines for sleep hygiene (