Supporting your Training

The importance of stretching


              It is one of those things that everyone knows they should do but people rarely make time for or understand why stretching is important. Mixed martial artists need power, endurance, and flexibility to be able to outmatch any opponent and all these qualities are fostered at Black Rock.
             Stretching helps to increase flexibility and mobility, which is important for lifelong health alongside muscle development and fitness. Tight muscles put extra strain on your joints which can increase the likelihood of injury during training and make it harder for you to complete certain exercises. It is important to remember that consistency, doing a little every day rather than one big stretching session a month, will lead to increased flexibility over time.
Whilst stretching every muscle every day would be ideal it can feel daunting and somewhat unrealistic. An achievable stretching routine would be to try to stretch your calves, hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors every other day to address the lower half of the body. Then stretching your shoulders, neck and lower back as often as possible (especially since boxing is particularly hard on your shoulders). The best time to stretch is at the end of a workout or after a walk so that your muscles are already warm, this will prevent causing unintended damage. Furthermore, you should hold each stretch for around 30 seconds and avoid bouncing in that position. The goal is to feel the tension in the muscle but no pain.
              Black Rock provides advice to help individuals work on their fitness but encourages each person to take ownership of their own fitness journey. Once you join Black Rock, we will take your through more in-depth training about stretching to improve your performance and deepen your knowledge about your body and health.